best 240hz gaming monitor - LG 27GN750 240 Hertz 27 Inch review


Ladies gentlemen this here is the best 240hz gaming monitor. LG's first 240 Hertz one millisecond response time IPS gaming monitor up until now I've been stuck on a measly peasant 144 Hertz monitor back at home.

There's still a lot of people stuck on 60 Hertz displays what was more interesting however is that a lot of people have already jumped over to 144 Hertz and a small percentage has already leaped straight to 240 Hertz.

So, yeah I'm kind of curious but mostly excited to see what the difference is like switching over from 144 Hertz to a 240 Hertz monitor.


I also wanted to know if there's a noticeable difference and is it even worth upgrading the design of the G-9 750 stays true to LG's ultra geared gaming lineup. we got super thin three-sided bezels an aggressive triangular base design with red accents all around nothing really new.

Here the construction of a stand is made out of all plastic and it's not as sturdy as I expected there's definitely lots of play at medium height however if you raise the moderate to the top it becomes more noticeable the standards.


Give you a good amount of height adjustability as well as tilt however you don't get any swivel adjustment.  you can also rotate the monitor a full 90 degrees but you can only do this in one direction however you can dish to stand altogether and mount it since it is.

Basic compatible as well the monitor comes with an HDMI display port and a USB pass-through cable as well as a hook to help out with cable management and back.

You also get a good amount of port selection in the back a couple of HDMI a single DisplayPort.
you get your USB pass-through and two additional USB 3 ports accessing the menu is done through a joystick located on the bottom of the monitor and through here. You have access to the adaptive sync option and black stabilizer which basically adjusts the black saturation levels to make dark images stand out better in dark scenes.

you know before all these gaming IPS monitor hype gamers used to use TN panels to achieve their super high refresh rates and we all know the cons of TN panels subpar color reproduction and horrible viewing angles but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Now, looking at the best of both worlds we're starting to see a lot of high refresh rate IPS gain monitors being released in the market. This one from LG is no exception excellent viewing angles with incredibly vivid colors that make every scene pop.

I mean the color reproduction on here is among the best I've seen in other similar spec monitors so on every monitor video I do on the channel I always test these four things.

White saturation, black levels, motion blur and of course, the backlight bleed test and the LG monitor past most of them with flying colors.

 we got great white saturation levels for the black level test all squares from top to bottom are distinguishable and this is with factory settings.

By the way, I didn't find any ghosting or Corona artifacts present for the motion blur test however there is some backlight bleed in the corners more specifically on the top-left corner which is definitely noticeable during dark scenes when it comes to color accuracy.

The monitor excels in SRGB covering a hundred percent of its color gamut but only covers 78% of Adobe RGB.

So,  if you're a content creator and you use the SRGB color space then this monitor would be great for color-sensitive work however if you're a professional working with Adobe RGB color space then you will need to find another monitor.

So, before I actually launched the game I want to switch back down to 144 Hertz just so I can distinguish switching back to 240 so there we go so now we run 144 Hertz.

When I launch the game, I started with 144 Herts and eventually changed to 240 Hertz.
Yes, so I can definitely say this that difference is not as noticeable switching from 60Hertz to 244Hertz but you can definitely tell like it's still it is still more stable one thing. I've also noticed is that my aim is slightly more accurate with 240 Hertz.

Let's say, all these years you've been using rubber right and let's say rubber is 144 Hertz in this example I mean it still feels good and you still have a good time and get the job done.

You'll be satisfied because it feels good to play on a higher refresh rate monitor and then you switch over to 240 Hertz the rubber comes off now it feels amazing things are more sensitive.

You're lasting longer in Fortnite because you're a better gamer and you're not dying as quick and of course you're getting more kills you might even keep playing after your match is done.

This is because that's how great it feels that's what it feels like playing on a 240 Hertz monitor so should you buy a 240 Hertz monitor specifically the LG monitor.

Well if you have the money and this is very important by the way that you have a capable PC of pushing around 240 FPS consistently.

Then I say making the jump is absolutely worth it but if you're stuck on 60 Hertz and you don't necessarily have the money to burn then honestly I would just say pick up 144Hertz's monitor and call it a day that is gonna be more than enough to keep you satisfied.

I feel like the 240 Hertz tier is for people who want the absolute best gaming experience no matter the cost but whatever you do please take this advice, 'don't buy any high refresh rate monitors if your PC can't handle it'.

I've seen this so many times where people are using budget pcs that barely push 60 FPS on a minesweeper and their gaming 144 Hertz monitors don't be that guy as far as the LG monitor it's a shame about the backlight bleed and the quality of the stand.

But overall, I think it's a monitor and this is all I see the best you can get right now in the market in terms of specs 240 or is panel one little second response time IPS g-sync color accuracy all that stuff this is currently the best in the market at least until three hundred hertz panels start coming out.

Honestly, if you don't care about you know the viewing angles and the color accuracy all that nonsense, you can buy a cheaper 240 Hertz monitor on a TN panel for less than $300 ultimately it comes down to how much you're willing to spend to get that gaming experience you've always wanted.


The LG UltraGear Display with a 240 Hz Refresh Rate

UltraGear 27GN750


27-inch class IPS

Native Resolution

1920 × 1080

Maximum Refresh Rate

240 Hz

Dynamic Refresh Technology


Range ?

400 cd/m²



Viewing Angles

178°/178° horizontal/vertical

Response Time

1 ms GtG

Pixel Pitch

~0.27675 mm²

Pixel Density

~82 PPI

Color Gamut Support 99% SRGB
Inputs 1×DP 1.2
2×HDMI 2.0
Audio headphone out

I'll drop a link to the monitor down below if you guys want to check it out feel free to drop a like if you guys enjoyed the article and consider comment because I do have a top 5 144hz it's gaming monitors under 200 bucks coming out.

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