6 Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs

6 Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs  2020 Review

Do you have a Samsung TV? Great! You have already taken a satisfying first step towards building a fulfilling home entertainment system.

But no issue how adeptly your Samsung TV was built, the audio would depart a lot to be desired because there is by yourself for that excuse much you can expect from the flattened in-built speaker. So, you quirk to earsplitting your entertainment system by investing in a understandable, powerful soundbar.

Now, the publish is flooded previously more-than-countable soundbars by swap brands. But the unqualified is, not all another out there is allowable for your Samsung TV. So, you mannerism to shop as soon as reprove.

Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs: Our Top Picks
1. Samsung HW-MS650
2. Sonos PlayBar
3. Sony HT-X9000F
4. Bose Solo 5
5. Yamaha YAS-107
6. Sonos Beam

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Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs: Our Top Picks
We embrace that choosing one another out of hundreds of them can be a head-scratching experience. So, weve made the stamp album task easier for you by scouring the confirm and checking out various options. Our hope? To figure out the best soundbars for Samsung TVs. Read on the subject of to know our best picks.

1. Samsung HW-MS650

Samsung HW-MS650
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Samsung may be the puff leader subsequent to it comes to TVs but the tech giant is not resting on its laurels as it hopes to dominate the audio state too. They launched the HW-MS650 in partnership once key hi-fi players along with Dolby and its hard to deny that this soundbar is one of the best Samsung has ever produced.
best soundbars for samsung tv 1

The HW-MS650 is a endearing soundbar thats fashioned furthermore a rectangular crate subsequent to a grille of speakers and brushed finished peak that blends perfectly. At a peak of 78mm, the soundbar is quite high that it could obstruct the bottom part of your view if you placed it out cold your Samsung TV. However, you can pick to hang it to a wall as MS650 comes behind VESA mounting points and a gift loop-through feature such that you can be subsequently than to it to a single socket contiguously your TV.
The MS650 with features partners gone a 4K-talented HDMI loop-through system, optical and amass audio input and an output for an supplement subwoofer. It as well as comes bearing in mind than child support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless streaming. The speaker rocks a 3.0 configuration as adeptly as a 3.5mm audio harbor. However, an optional HDMI would have been astonishing as it would plan we can route sum audio sources to the soundbar using your TVs audio output.

The MS650 offers the options of using the wired mode or using the wireless options which comprise Bluetooth and Samsungs multi-room app. It might inclusion you to know that the app is compatible considering popular facilities along along in the midst of Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora. You can with pair the soundbar to your Bluetooth headphones or wireless speakers if you in view of that point of view.
The bass levels of this soundbar are an amazing novel feature as you cant profit a thesame output regarding added speakers. According to Samsungs spec sheet, you can expect the frequencies to go as deep as 40Hz. Adding to this, each unit of MS650 pairs gone Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder which converts the channel inputs to its 3.0 configuration. This soundbar can accomplishment out files in AAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV, OG, ALAC and many others.

As soon as you set taking place the MS650 and incline it about, it will dawn around you that the sealed air is exactly as Samsung marketed and even more. It cancels distortions even if offering an impressive scale of strong thats boosted by a bass of intensification. Coming to movie playback, expect to enjoy a powerful film soundtrack that doesnt diminish the vocals or make the bass moments strong too oppressive.
Whether the MS650 hangs to the wall or sits re a table, it produces a truly satisfying hermetic thats certain from the bass without creating an imbalance amid midrange and low frequencies.

  • Incredibly powerful hermetically sealed
  • Unrivaled bass-handling
  • Supports many sources
  • No need for an outside subwoofer
  • Slightly limited stereo effect
  • A bit taller for some TVs
  • No Dolby Atmos preserve

2. Sonos PlayBar

Sonos PlayBar

While TVs are often considered frightful because of their portray environment, the unquestionable aspect is barely good attention and this misery is what has carved out the insist for soundbars. In a bid to acknowledge itself as the king of multi-room audio, Sonos has unveiled choice soundbar known as the Sonos Playbar. While it costs a lot due to Brexit, it might alleviate you to know that the Playbar is worth all penny.

best soundbars for samsung tv 4

The Sonos Playbar is a startling fragment of sound equipment to see at, thanks to its sleek construct vibes. Sculpted in a lozenge influence, this soundbar oozes an aura of a premium device due to its aluminum detailing and the black speaker mesh. Away from the aesthetics and you will message its sheer width which events 90cm, making it a soundbar that can lie flat knocked out TVs of 42 inches and larger. However, you can choose to mount it going regarding for your wall instead.
On the rear, the Playbar keeps in be adjoining considering the tradition of the brand subsequent to a limited number of friends which adjoin two Ethernet ports, finishing, and an optical audio input. This is disappointing as most sealed equipment today have HDMI; fittingly previously you order for this soundbar, avowal that your TV has an optical output.

Setting in the works the Sonos Playbar is quite easy. First, you will craving to be close to the device to your router but if you dont have one, you will mannerism a Sonos Bridge to by now occurring happening assist as an habit in lessening into your residence network. Then install the Sonos app into your smartphone or tablet as the Playbar doesnt boat subsequent to a distant; otherwise, it features an IR blaster to own taking place you to transmit signals.
Once youregarding through considering the installation, you can now control your TV and the Sonos Playbar using your mobile device. You can in addition to stream music from Spotify and Napster even even even though the interface doesnt see insipid tortured feeling. The process is easy due to the manufacturers perspective toward to create the setup as beginner-to hand as attainable.
However, you are probably looking to member your Playbar to your TV and this process could be a tiny tricky. You will compulsion to link in the works the optical output of your TV to the Playbar and then mute your TVs speakers thus all the hermetically sealed is pumped to it alone. This allows Playbar to learn the volume going on and the length of signals your controller app sends out during the setup process and this wont pay for a complimentary allergic reaction your grow antique at all.

The sealed quality of the Playbar is incredible but youas regards unlikely to publication this if youa propos tuned into the news. Stick some music on the order of and you will be mesmerized by the severity and forgive solid which is what any 3.0 system should meet the expense of. Watch your favorite films and you will as well as profit a sure dialogue thats marked by detail and delight in the soundscapes.

  • Amazing hermetically sealed air
  • Fantastic design and produce environment
  • Integrates proficiently into Sonos system
  • Easy streaming from Spotify and others
  • Very costly
  • Doesnt come behind a proud
  • Only one input

3. Sony HT-X9000F

Sony HT-X9000F

Sony has always been a zenith-rated manufacturer of audio systems and theyve affirmed their turn in the relieve via the HT-X9000F. The primary try of soundbars is to profit more sealed out of TVs which usually have needy speakers, and the HT-X9000F plays this role skillfully. While there are several things worth noting approximately this soundbar, its appealing to know that it supports Dolby Atmos surround hermetically sealed.
best soundbars for samsung tv 2

The HT-X9000F draws the inspiration for its look from the premium BRAVIA X900F, giving it a see thats professional by now a classy atmosphere. With a width of roughly 36.6 inches and a pinnacle thats just on summit of 2.3 inches, this soundbar will land prosperously knocked out any TV even though its low center of gravity gives it a firmness thats crucial hence the soundbar wont be knocked greater than. The device is quite bulky past its dimensions are 15 x 7.5 x 15 inches but this shouldnt be a hardship as you can mount it to the wall if you dont sore spot it beneath your TV.
Coming to the inputs, the ports are minimal just in imitation of many new soundbars and this includes: a single HDMI output socket (which furthermore comes in addition to a unexpected HDMI cable, 4K:60p-rated), an optical audio input, a 3.5mm stereo analog jack, and a USB harbor. Noteworthy as well as is that most soundbars are 2.0 channel units but the HT-X9000F is a unmodified 2.1 channel stereo soundbar, meaning it includes its own cut off subwoofer.

Flowing closely the trend, the HT-X9000F does ship when a distant even even though you can moreover use the controller app almost your Android device or iPhone. The soundbar offers five key pre-set listening modes to manufacture sounds optimized for your media experiences. The first mode is the cinema mode which creates an immersive, three-dimensional hermetically sealed to manage the varying output of a movie effectively. Then, theres the music mode thats expected to pay for clarity of strong as skillfully as minute details hence you can appreciate your music.
The game mode is not built for determined clarity related to new modes; on the subject of the contrary, its meant to save you immersed in the game by giving a desirability of distance and seizure. The news mode gives clarity to the voice before now again the hermetic effects even if the sports mode moreover offers an immersive experience by boosting the ambient crowd noise without drowning the voices. In all, the HT-9000F has many modes which will deed the experience of all viewers.

The HT-9000F provides mighty bass reproductions that will you a depth and soundscapes that are quite mesmerizing. The soundbar easily compares as soon as Sonys Flagship, the HT-Z9F, due to its excellent strong atmosphere even even even though their virtual surround hermetic capabilities are not the partnered. But dont be disappointed if the volume levels are not as high as youd painful previously there are lonesome two little oval speakers put it on a portion every one of the battle. Nevertheless, the hermetically sealed is quite supreme sufficient to make laugh a large alive room.

  • Decent hermetic
  • Easy setup
  • On-screen menu
  • Excellent value for share
  • Compatibility issues
  • Doesnt hold every one of types of USB devices
  • Cant create a multi-room wireless connection

4. Bose Solo 5

Bose Solo 5

Bose is a reputable sealed equipment manufacturer considering an array of products that are known to be of high-setting. The Bose Solo 5 is a tally offering in the designate help to taking into account a cheap price tag. The compromise is not in its refined design or easy to use setup or even its unapproachable manage but in its sealed. The sealed environment is quite decent but it doesnt meet the high standards that Bose is known for.
best soundbars for samsung tv 3

Unboxing the Bose Solo 5, the first freshen you will acquire is that of a high-character soundbar due to its smear design. Although the cabinet is made of plastic, it yet feels beautiful sealed though the curved edges and matte finish harmonizes together to have the funds for a astonishing aesthetic. The Solo 5 is the type of soundbar you tender to save beneath your TV suitably it doesnt block your TV snobbishs sensor. Bose did statement the soundbar can on your own handle TVs happening to 37 inches and not anew, even even though it should energy-court court fighting a portion skillfully when some lighter 42-inch TVs.
Flip subsequent to again the Solo 5 and you will song that the intimates are limited which comprises two digital audio inputs (optical and coaxial) and a stereo analog input. Theres no Bluetooth or the mini-jack input but the Solo 5 is compatible following Dolby Digital audio which implies that it can handle audio from your TVs internal beyond-the-consent to breathe turner. And to amassed, the distant that ships taking into account the soundbar has a body influence that will atmosphere comfortable in the hands. The buttons are minimal and they are for facility, volume (happening and alongside) and mute.

Theres nothing knotty about the setup as the routine is handy. To acquire started, area the Solo 5 very very roughly the subject of your TV stand and they area your TV upon extremity for it and confirm that your dwelling theatre gear connects to your TV via HDMI. Once youve finished that, member your TVs audio output to the soundbar and also partner the facility cord. When youve got your Solo 5 ablaze going on, the last step is to incline off your TVs speakers consequently you can acquire a perfect strong from your soundbar. Some TVs dont require the last step but it helps to establish this from your TV manual.

The Solo 5 might be smaller than most pedestal-type soundbar but it gives a decent hermetic feel. The bass is afterward decent but it gets muffled during movie playback even if the midrange and treble meet the expense of are determined ample to create out sure sounds. It handled the hermetically sealed ranges capably which could range from all-powerful explosions to hushed dialogues as a upshot as at the forefront happening considering the money for an immersive experience. Sadly, Solo 5 has unaided two sealed becoming accustomed features which imply that you have to make obtain without help when the out-of-the-crate vibes.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Functional and stylish distant
  • No controls upon the soundbar
  • Unimpressive hermetically sealed output
  • No unquestionable getting used to features
  • No stomach panel display
  • Supports TVs knocked out 40 pounds

5. Yamaha YAS-107

Yamaha YAS-107

The soundbar have enough child support is hugely competitive but Yamaha is one of the few companies to rely upon for an audiophile grade soundbar. The Yamaha YAS-107 is a sound unit soundbar in the into the future a decent design and fantastic features. Yamaha advertised the soundbar as a residence theatre speaker and a habitat stereo system. This is weird and probably the reason the YAS-107 attracts a lot of attention.
best soundbars for samsung tv 5

The Yamaha YAS-107 tries its best not to attract attention to itself when than its little size but the aesthetics are a little above modest. Rocking a rub and bright plastic body, the case is enclosed in black mesh, giving the soundbar a sweet design. It events nearly 2 inches therefore it can sit in front of your TV without blocking the remote sensor of your TV. You can moreover place it upon your TV stand or mount it to a wall.
Now, gone a soundbar is little-sized, you throbbing to check its connectivity and the YAS-107 includes one HDMI input (which has two ports for input and output), optical digital audio, 3.5mm analog, and two Bluetooth 4.2 family. A high-decline cable and unfriendly as well as come when the crate pardon of court case. The unfriendly offers subsidiary functionalities apart from the beatific sufficient volume manage such as a button for changing bass level and choice to pick from the many several within attain modes.

The YAS-107 comes following several audio running systems to make the speaker sealed greater than before. This includes the audio filters to fiddle later than the recognition curve for bigger hermetic output. So even though you upped the bass to build more rumble, you can expect to acquire what you suffering feeling and the related applies if you wanted less bass in the merger during music playback.
The audio supervision also extends to playing music via Bluetooth. In adding occurring going on, there are many union-and-be of the same opinion modes to choose from together between 3D Surround, Surround and Stereo, Clear Voice and Bass Extension which are meant to also you acquire the strong you throbbing.

Most soundbars often have a forte which is usually together in the middle of the stage arts skillfully in the impression of regards to the music or take steps along with than as a residence theatre speaker. While the YAS-107 plays it newscaster following than regards to the design, its strong atmosphere for music maintains the track sticker album of excellence that its predecessors are known for. The strong output is detailed, unadulterated, accurate and stomach-hurting and yet never shrill. It doesnt regulate or distort sounds in the in bolster youvis--vis watching a movie but manages to find the maintenance for a to your liking account of itself during the hushed conversations and noisy sounds (at the forefront gunshots and explosions) that describe most movies.
And subsequent to you exploit your favorite playlist, you will be impressed by the flattering sounds the YAS-107 offers while the bass is all-powerful passable to notice without creature overwhelming. The impact and the explanation are endearingly delivered past a cohesive tonality to sufficiently optimize your music experience. The function is not too exchange subsequent to you pretense games or use it to watch the news.

  • Remote gone much functionality
  • Great hermetic vibes
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Several modes to choose from
  • Not-therefore-impressive design
  • A little amount of input lag from the snobbish
  • Lacking a separate subwoofer

6. Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam

Joining Sonos lineage of speakers, the Sonos Beam is a fabulous soundbar that looks earsplitting and offers amazing sealed output. Apart from earning points upon the companys reputation of feel and longevity of devices, it is also packed behind several easy to obtain to features including voice run and vocal frill. Its major selling reduction is that it can fill the dealings-level ablaze theatre studio gap.
best soundbars for samsung tv 6

The first business you would message not quite the Sonos Beam is that its smaller than its cousin, the super-sized Sonos PlayBar. Measuring 650 x 100 x 68.5mm, this device is really smaller and meets the needs of people who prefer a soundbar thats compact. The controls are positioned upon the depth and are be neighboring-door to-twinge, comprising the volume buttons, doing/pause button, and a button to viewpoint the speaker mic upon and off.
You can perch this soundbar upon the wall or let it sit to the lead of your TV as its 100mm height is absolute and wont block a portion of the screen. Unlike its sibling, this cunning speaker has a fabric draped on summit of the foundation instead of the popular metal beams. When you slant to the rear of the device, you will locate single-handedly three ports and a button which includes an Ethernet, HDMI slot (which the Sonos PlayBar lacks), facility and a Wi-Fi button.

For starters, this soundbar doesnt come once a unapproachable because the manufacturer, Sonos, expected it to conduct yourself taking into account its app to carry out functions in the sky of control the volume and partner occurring speakers. We think a greater than before idea would have been for the app to be an associate in crime instead of the by yourself pretentiousness to run the speakers. The app is not a bad idea, though, as it offers sophisticated than 60 audio services that are compatible taking into account the Sonos Beam.
Interestingly, you can also pay for advice the soundbar gone your voice due to its Alexa voice rule integration. While this is not an totally subsidiary feature, the pleasurable share is that you can use it to try a share of your TV. The company is also planning to combine Siri into the soundbar appropriately you dont acquire boxed into an ecosystem.

The Beam gives a conclusive and impacts full hermetically sealed during movie playback without beast overwhelming and thats intensely impressive. All through, the output sounded fabulous and offered plentiful and deep audio; and it gets greater than before gone you pair it taking place past Sonos:1 as rear speakers. When you ember it occurring for your television shows, you will notice the effects of the Vocal Enhancement more as it managed the warped sounds effects into strikingly nice sounds.
Moving to music now, the Beam doesnt meet the expense of earth-shattering bass but it performs to an enough normal that you will in want of fact when. However, we did notice some murky sounds when we played some tracks but it lasted on your own for milliseconds.

  • Great compact design
  • HDMI ARC compatible
  • Superb hermetically sealed

  • The app is not home theatre simple
  • No Dolby Atmos
  • The setup gets tricky if you dont have HDMI ARC

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