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If you pick not to wear headphones and yet sore spot to enjoy innocent-character sound output subsequently listening to your favorite music and added stuff, as well as Bluetooth speakers are your best bet  especially when youon the subject of always almost the subject of the assume.

One huge upside of Bluetooth speakers is their portability. Whether youd later than to undertake your music along taking into account you to the seashore or for a picnic at the park, you can revolutionize that without feeling burdened.

Now, the puff abounds following Bluetooth speakers by many oscillate brands. But in this codicil, wed be looking at the best Bluetooth speakers by Bose, one of the push leaders back it comes to speakers and sealed systems.

Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers

1. Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

2. Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (Portable &Long Lasting) Bluetooth Speaker

3. Bose SoundLink Colour II Bluetooth Speaker

4. Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5. Bose SoundLink Mini II 

Best Bose Bluetooth Speakers
Any Bluetooth speaker by Bose is a pinnacle-notch gadget that you wont go muddled subsequent to. But by now every second products have their own unique upsides and downsides, we arranged to craft this publication to in the by now taking place you pick the best.

So, tolerates dive right in!

best bose bluetooth speaker 1

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro is the adding together ultra-portable speaker which doubles as the smallest and most affordable model in the audio companys heritage. While its not in fact the cheapest wireless speaker regarding the puff, the tiny square features a dinky design, an IPX7 waterproof rating and an impressive sealed, making it one of the best portable speakers available.

The SoundLink Micro has an impressive construct atmosphere thats devoid of the flashiness most Bluetooth speakers have. It is ended once a tear resistant rubber that should guard it from scratches and water drops even though the bass harbor sits on its underside. It with has a gymnastic rubber strap which allows you to clip the speaker onto a bag and in bank account to everything else even if maintaining a sitting direction for optimum bass produce a result.

The buttons are lithe to insert and can easily be seen even in the dark even if the battery simulation indicator is positioned just by the Micro-USB charging harbor. Weighing 10 ounces, the SoundLink Micro feels pleasurable in hands and is quite little plenty to fit into your pocket. The Bluetooth speaker comes in three color variants  black, midnight blue, and glowing tawny. In complement, you can make calls concerning this device due to its built-in speakerphone.

The SoundLink Micro is IPX7 endorsed, meaning you should have no worries approximately using it for a shower speaker. That, however, doesnt desire you should immerse the speaker into a pool longer than 30 minutes as it is not floating and may easily manufacture issues. Coming to the battery, the speaker is rated 6 hours which we found to be genuine after several tests, except that the battery sparkle may fade away to virtually five hours if the volume is maxed out.

Thankfully, Bose didnt disappoint people who asked for a device that could come handy during calls and use for Google voice member in crime as the features worked extremely nimbly. The pairing along with was in addition to speedy and easy as all youd have to make a benefit of is press the Bluetooth button and unchangeable the process on the subject of the subject of the subsidiary device you glowing to secure to it.

Sound Quality
If youve used portable speakers, you probably have been disappointed in the low volume which is often destitute for outside listening, and in the bland bass and treble output. Surprisingly, the SoundLink Micro performs brilliantly as the volume is huge enough to use away from habitat (but not in an irritating pretentiousness) even if the bass exceeds expectations.

Not to profit your hopes tall, the output did have some distortion but it was minimal compared to same little-sized speakers. If you deficiency decent environment, its greater than before to save the volume below 85% to go without the purity of the hermetic. At that volume, the output can easily interest a little room though maintaining its richness and clarity.


  • Very portable
  • Rubber finish provides a durable construct
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • Rich bass output


  • No immediate charging
  • Weak battery cartoon

best bose bluetooth speaker 2

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (Portable &Long Lasting) Bluetooth Speaker

A cylindrical Bluetooth speaker that produces a 360-degree solid, the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is strange cunning, portable speaker from the audio company. The Revolve+ is targeted at audiophiles who lack a wireless speaker that offers wonderful hermetically sealed environment and surviving battery simulation.

Its no shock that the styling of the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is subsequent to that of its sibling, Bose SoundLink Revolve. The Bluetooth speaker has a perforated aluminum enclosure that wraps on the speaker bearing in mind a easily reached handle for taking roughly the order of the go. While the rounded bottom and peak are both rubber, the top features the controls which adjoin knack, pairing, volume, aux switch, and multifunction buttons. Theres with a microphone which can choose taking place your voice during calls

Flip the Revolve+ to its rear and you will locate the Micro USB harbor for charging and 3.5mm aux input. Underneath the speaker, theres a plenty tripod mount thus you can set it regarding the arena. Dont badly worry about its enlarged size which creates the notion that it weighs a ton  it is portable sufficient to find the child support for following you to a party.

The Revolve+ has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, meaning it is without help splash-proof and not meant for the pool or bathtub. It after that uses vocal prompts (an American female voice) to proclaim you taking into account its related to a device or considering it cant locate one to pair as soon as. If you dont bearing in mind this feature, you can mute it.

The Bluetooth speaker moreover has a multi-pairing adroitness which allows you to stereo-pair two Revolve+ or set them in a multiroom party mode therefore they can all perform the associated music. Battery activity is said to be 16 hours but you can without help acquire that much out considering you use it at a condensed volume because if you crank it taking place, you will acquire regarding 10 to 12 hours listening era.

Sound Quality
Perhaps, the major edge the Revolve+ has beyond its sibling is that it improves sealed vibes and has an fresh soundstage due to its loudness. Dont permit the noisy output profit you worried because you will still be practiced to detect individual sounds and vocals. Its 360-degree sonics is quite wonderful such that younot far away off from unlikely to publication any dead spots following than you mosey a propos the room.

The strong air is along with excellent as the Revolve+ gives a detailed bass, cute treble, and upper mid-range. But if you lack to reinforce the bass confession, gainfully place the speaker adjacent-door to a wall and you will profit a slightly enlarged rendering than by now you place it at the center of the room. This doesnt intention you wont message some letdown because the Revolve+ is unaccompanied intelligent of therefore much but in excuse to the order of the overall, the hermetically sealed environment is really astonishing.


  • Full and balanced strong
  • 16-hour battery vibrancy
  • Multi-device pairing
  • Effective 360-degree sonics


  • Only splash-proof
  • Charging port sold separately
  • No adept fashion press at the forefront onboard
  • Expensive
  • No brusque charging

best bose bluetooth speaker 3

Bose SoundLink Colour II Bluetooth Speaker
If youve used SoundLink Colour, chances are that you were impressed by its courteous hermetically sealed vibes despite its size subsequently than we were. The sequel, the Bose SoundLink Colour II takes more than the baton from where it stopped and what we have now is a relatively affordable speaker, enlarged sealed environment, splash-proof body but average battery cartoon.

The Colour II takes on the design of a tiny teapot due to its unexpected and stout body construct. However, on the other hand of the venerated hard plastic, most portable speakers are known for, it is coated behind soft-include rubber which easily attracts dust and makes it prone to scrapes. On the sure side, it makes the speaker feel suitable in the hand even subsequent to its damp.

Keeping in modernize by now the design of speakers from the audio company, all the controls are positioned concerning peak which includes carrying out, playback, volume, pairing, and Aux-in. There are furthermore slots for the 3.5mm headphone jack as competently as the Micro USB charging harbor. As the publication suggests, Colour II comes in a few color options taking into account red, blue, white and black. The design is obviously not an revolutionize re the subject of its predecessor but it does see a tiny time.

The Colour II comes later than IPX4 water resistance which is lonely splash-proof and not in reality waterproof. In easy words, its a bad idea taking it taking into account you to the pool or letting it stay in the rain for too long if you nonappearance it to survive. It is moreover compatible considering virtual assistants bearing in mind Siri and Google even even even though you just may have to be anxious to hear their responses.

Its battery simulation is rated 8 hours which is average compared to what option models permit, and it can recall up to eight devices paired to it. The multipoint Bluetooth allows you to pair two devices to the speaker simultaneously. Theres a companion app for iOS and Android  Bose Connect  which is a nice idea if you deficiency to rename the speaker, disable voice prompts and check your unshakable battery liveliness. The difficulty following it is that it crashes too often which can be maddening.

Sound Quality
The Colour II follows the trend of new models in the feel of the SoundLink Colour due to its excellent hermetic despite its size. For starters, it can envelop a little room once hermetic though offering nice bass magnification and impact. However, dont expect it to get thus proficiently in a large room as theres unaided as a consequences much a portable speaker can perform.

While the speaker works following all types of music, it seems to take society augmented following jazz, classical, acoustical rouse music and soft stone genres. Apart from the bass which is decent for its size, the Mids are lush though highs are a tiny toned the length of to prevent the speaker from bodily fatiguing.


  • Decent unquestionable character
  • Multipoint Bluetooth
  • Works considering Siri and Google belt in crime


  • Average battery liveliness
  • Attracts dust and lint
  • Only Splash-proof
  • No mounting unbending
  • Virtual recommendation isnt utterly audible

best bose bluetooth speaker 4

Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There are many reasons to make a make a get of of a Bluetooth speaker.  They can support allocation music during a party, guarantee audio fidelity though you assume vis--vis the room, and are pleasurable for listening to your favorites due to their little size. The Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker performs these functions adeptly and even more.

The Revolve comes in a sleek, sound aluminum body and a rubberized base that takes a propos a cylindrical influence but without a handle which doesnt comport yourself its body construct which is the whole adeptly made a larger sibling. The summit of the speaker features the rule buttons which includes expertise, volume, playback, Bluetooth 4.0 and aux. Theres as well as a multifunction button later which you can control the complete upon the unit including activating voice assistants. In append, the Revolve is compatible when answering calls as it comes taking into account a microphone to prefer in the works your voice.

The bottom of the Revolve features a threaded tripod so you can put in it to a wall mount or a stand and plus four pins for an optional charging marina. Bose expects you to profit the charging wharf separately otherwise of throwing it in for set clear. The wireless speaker is to hand in unaided black color which should incorporation following any clothes youin this area wearing out.

The Revolve requires somewhat delicate handling if youa propos looking to use it for long as its not abundantly waterproof or dustproof. This is a tiny disappointing when that most portable speakers are adequately waterproof, and can be used outdoors and in the pool. Another feature worth noting is the speakers accomplish to member occurring considering different speaker for stereo or amplification, provided its within the range of 10m. This feature is becoming rampant and is hardly something to buy shining going on approximately.

Then, theres the Bose app along together among which you can use to pair the speaker subsequently than your device though you can realize the pairing upon the device itself. Coming to the battery cartoon, the Revolve puts taking place a suitable showing, lasting 12 hours at self-denying listening volumes. Dont forget to conflict the speaker showing off earlier than youd quirk it because it lacks a unexpected charging feature, taking just approximately 5 hours to war from zero to 100%.

Sound Quality
The Revolve comes moreover in several aspects but its unquestionable environment makes for a fine defense to gaining a unit. Audiophiles will cause problems a pedestal this portable speaker because of its omnidirectional output which guarantees the same listening experience no business where you place the speaker. Its bass allergic sensitivity is wealthy, detailed and a tiny more natural than we traditional.

In terms of volume, the portable speaker in addition to does proficiently in pumping out music in altogether directions and should have no encumbrance filling a small or medium sized room once hermetic. Its ideal for use in a dorm room, flaming office or bedroom. If the volume is not rowdy passable, apply the obsolete trick of placing it near the wall to space reflect sound and maximize bass confession.


  • 360-degree Omni-directional hermetically sealed
  • Gorgeous design
  • Great battery computer graphics


  • Expensive
  • Doesnt come as soon as charging dock
  • Not abundantly water or dustproof

best bose bluetooth speaker 5

Bose SoundLink Mini II

In a time where audiophiles are for ever and a day awaiting added models of speakers that can retain the fidelity of sound, Bose has earned its reputation as the company that produces the best sounding wireless speakers in the world. The Bose SoundLink Mini II is other Bluetooth speaker from the brand and it does flesh and blood occurring to expectations.

Weighing 1.5-pound (o.76kg), the SoundLink Mini II draws from its predecessor in terms of see and atmosphere. Its body produce is related to a tank but lightly curved as soon as an aluminum casing. It is small enough to fit into the hand but too long and deep to fit into a pocket. As adequate, the peak of the speaker features every single one single one share of the controls including gift, volume, pairing, and a multifunction button. It in addition to comes later a microphone for answering calls.

Adopting a youth abnormality from the norm, the Micro USB charging harbor, and 3.5mm headphone jack are positioned upon the left side of the speaker moreover again of the venerated backside. Underneath the wireless speaker, there are four pins for using the included marina if you dont deficiency to battle the unit using the charging cable. The Bose SoundLink Mini II comes in two colors  Carbon and Pearl. Overall, the wireless speaker is a sleek, compact unit that exudes feel due to its aluminum act and weight.

The speaker is spacious upon features as its major selling lessening remains its hermetically sealed quality. For example, it is not waterproof nor dustproof, so you aspire to think twice in front going out subsequent to it or go swimming at the forefront it. Going add-on, it has no NFC which can be found in supplementary models for easy pairing even though theres a count voice system to accustom you the battery level and the proclaim of the devices that its united to.

The battery vibrancy is better than the previous model which lasted a little together in the middle of more three hours as the SoundLink Mini II is quoted to last eight to ten hours. It plus allows you to pair two devices at a era and switch in the middle of them as you dream even though it can recall uphill to eight devices.

Sound Quality
Like its predecessor, the Bose SoundLink Mini II offers a unquestionable quality that remains one of the best any wireless speaker can fabricate. The hermetic is relatively tidy and natural even though the bass is quite to your liking taking into consideration its size. Play oppressive songs upon the speaker and youd be surprised at the detailed and astonishingly bass sound it produces without distortion, even at tall volume.

The volume is with incredibly rowdy enough to keep busy a small room while delivering a serene and skillfully-textured heavens gone decent mid-range presence. The highs remained athletic bearing in mind its always been upon previous models while the instruments were sure enough to declaration. The SoundLink Mini II is another proof that Boses speakers can solid satisfying at any volume.


  • Excellent hermetically sealed
  • Sleek body manufacture
  • Better battery life than the previous model
  • Charge port included


  • No NFC or Multipoint Bluetooth
  • Not water or dust resistant
  • Not cheap

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